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Youth Football Grant


The RPFPC Youth Football Grant program provides local youth football and cheer organizations with state-of-the-art equipment to suit their specific need. Our grant parameters have evolved tremendously from when we expanded this aspect of our charitable reach back in 2008. Back then, we had only one vendor partner, and were restricted in being able to help only one organization with a $1,500 dollar grant.

We have since cultivated multiple vendor partners such as Chicago-based Riddell, Wilson Sporting Goods, Santo Sports and even the Home Depot Corporation!

Currently, our three annual winning organizations receive the following:

  • RIDDELL - $4,000 dollar grant voucher to be used towards the purchase of new helmet technology and advanced protective equipment.

  • SANTO SPORTS - $1,500 dollar grant voucher to be used towards the purchase of player and cheerleader uniforms, as well as coach and administrator apparel, etc.

  • HOME DEPOT - $3,000 dollar merchandise grant voucher to be used towards anything their organization may need to assist with the operations of the leagues.


Lastly, each year our vendors, such as WILSON SPORTING GOODS, will also provide additional ‘In-Kind’ donations to our three annual winners that leave them smiling from ear to ear!


Our ultimate goal is to provide a significant impact to those leagues awarded our grants, and so their organizations and local communities continue to thrive and flourish!


Grants are awarded based on need which must be demonstrated in the application.

Applications for our Youth Football Grants for 2024 are now CLOSED. 

Thank you to all of our applicants!!

#IfYaAintGivinYaAintLivin #RPFPC #NFLPAChicago

*3 Grants are delivered annually


Youth Football Grants Delivered

Hear from Former Players Brent Novoselsky, Greg Bloedorn and RPFPC Executive Director Tom Serpento on how great this opportunity is for Youth Teams in the Chicagoland Area!

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